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Discord Community Server and Forums!

Hey everyone!

Even though this is the first update posted in our home page, it has been a while since you received an update from SourceForts 2! Most of the updates and discussion have been happening on our Discord server, but the gist of it is that the lead programmer moved from Brazil to the United Kingdom and it consumed much more time and energy than anticipated.

With everything settling down, and with the support of our excellent community, the systems are slowly bring brought back up!

Today, our Discord server was promoted to a Community Server – This enables us to set up proper announcement channels, have insights about the server and direct our new users to read our #welcome channel get access correctly.

Also, today, we are launching our game forums. While we expect this relic piece of internet software to have a slow start, we hope to have it as something we can rely on, to organize and store information regarding the game. It will be much easier than searching Discord for our past messages in the chat! There is a small caveat: As someone noticed in our Facebook page posting, the signup emails are coming from a Brazilian domain address. It's a safe address, even though it looks like it's from a different website. This was a fan game domain for a Half-Life Mod that our lead developer once hosted, but it's now dormant. Still, be assured that the email is safe. Check your spam folder, as it will probably be there.

In other news, SourceForts Classic 1.0 was updated to Release Candidate 7 a while ago! There were 26 releases until RC7, so it packs a ton of bugfixes to the classic version - you can check the changelog on the announcement link! So, if you did not have the chance to try it and you are willing to play some games, I recommend you join our Discord server for the latest info! There are matches happening on weekends!

Unfortunately, I do not have any new renders of SourceForts 2 right now, as art department have slowed significantly with my moving. I hope you can accept this accidental render of Red Block for when I wired the color channels incorrectly, giving it a quite interesting look.

I hope everyone is managing to stay safe with the current status of the world and are respecting the social distancing rules from where you live. Please, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the game! It means the world to us!